Tal' Dark'Star
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2nd Age Legend
Basic Information
Title The Shadow Twin
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Status Dead,
Killable NO
Date of Birth dawn of the 3rd Age
Date of Death dawn of the 3rd Age
Place of Birth {{{place of birth}}}
Place of Death Dark'Star Keep
Cause of Death Genetic Illness, Tal decided to fight time by joining the Speed force moving faster then light Tal ran across the Star's themselves tell he could feel the barriers of the Speed force start to crack and break around him tell he became one with it.
Resting place Speed Force (time and speed realm)
Basic Information
Gender Male
Race Eternal
Ethnicity Night Elf
Character class Assassin,

Ninja, Shaded Mage, Stealth Warrior

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Occupation Former Ruler of Dark'Star Keep
Affiliation Tual'A Ton Herodim
Alignment Selfish-Neutral
Politician Monarchy-
Location Terrain - Ebony Hearth
Citizenship Terrain-White Castle
Nationality Elven Islander
Spouse(s) NA
Relative(s) Appolo Dark'Star
Mentor(s) NA
Student(s) NA
Movement The Heroes Justice League
Major organizations Tal INC,

Dark'Star Enterprises, Justice League

Notable prizes Fastest Hero,

Most well rounded Hero,

Major monuments The Talo invation,

Shades Shadow,

Religion Talism
Influences Draco,

Hermes, Sephiroth, Jobe, Achilles, Skoblees, Samuri Guy,

Military service
Allegiance United Eden Alliance
Service/branch Field Hero/ Herdim
Years of service {{{years of service}}}
Rank Hero Dark'Star leader of the Talo army


Tal Dark'Star




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