Lore in 7th consists of Background Stroy, Origins, The foundation of the 7th Universe. This will cover all aspects of "canon" from people, places, and things. There are differences in Folklore in 7ths and lore. Folklore is in game oral tradition or tombs written under the asumtion of ture lore is canon story about 7th. Though coninuity is jeapordized do to 7ths lack of archiving tell late much of the early lore is exceptable to change if brought before the tribunal and with a powerful argument.

Lore SectionsEdit


Time Line



Orginizations - Waterfail Tribe

Religion - Mormonish

Magic - Kinda

Technology - i stab

Class Lore - you dont see me

Race Lore - it's wierd because i'm fucking huge

Languages- Orcish broski