Lethes Niuq
Placeholder person
Level 1
Basic Information
Title 3rd Age Hero
Seventh Security Number {{{seventh security number}}}
Level {{{level}}}
Status Alive
Killable Yes
Date of Birth NA
Date of Death NA
Place of Birth {{{place of birth}}}
Place of Death NA
Cause of Death NA
Resting place NA
Basic Information
Gender Male
Race Ancient
Ethnicity Draenei
Character class Paladin
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Weight {{{weight}}}
Occupation Crusader
Affiliation Slimmerilion
Alignment Holonic Good
Politician NA
Location Stath'Brad
Citizenship NA
Nationality NA
Spouse(s) NA
Relative(s) NA
Mentor(s) Father Murodoth
Student(s) NA
Movement NA
Major organizations Chantry of Stath'Brad
Notable prizes NA
Major monuments NA
Religion Creator
Influences NA
Military service
Allegiance The Church
Service/branch Holonic Combat,Healing/Holy Infantry
Years of service {{{years of service}}}
Rank 4th Grade brother of the cloth





Third AgeEdit

Early lifeEdit
Adult hoodEdit

Investigation of the Fel Forest

Conflict with the undead and foresaken

Pursuit of the warlock

Battle in the field with the rouge

the conflict in stath'brad woods with the warlock

the humble return to stath'brad

night at the inn.

Power & AbilitesEdit


1 Holy blast
2 Zealot pride.
3 holy heal.
4 sanctuary.
5 Purge.
6 lords luminescence.
7 healing bolt.
8 holy skin.
9 Justice.
10 Genesis.
11 divine force
12 vindication
13 fortitude of seneca
14 holy barrage
15 righteous path
16 sacred judgment
17 wisdom of camilla
18 divine tempest
19 sacred quake
20 divine protection
21 sacred justice
22 martyrdom
23 fortitude of brutus
24 wisdom of galen
25 bless spirit tap


1 Св. взрив 2 Зилот гордост. 3 светът се лекува. 4 светилище. 5 чистка. 6 господари луминесценция. 7 лечебни болт. 8 светите кожата. 9 правосъдието. 10 Genesis. 11 божествена сила 12 реабилитиране 13 сила на духа на Сенека 14 светите баража 15 праведния път 16 свещени решение 17 мъдростта на Камила 18 божествена буря 19 свещени земетресение 20 Божията закрила 21 свещени правосъдие 22 мъченичество 23 сила на духа на Брут 24 мъдростта на Гален 25 благослови дух кран

General Skill'sEdit

Class Skill'sEdit