The History of Eden describes the most important events and fundamental stages in the development of the planet Eden from its formation 14.2 billion years ago to the resent day. Nearly all the Classes of Natural Arts have contributed to the understanding of the main events of the Eden's past. The age of Eden is roughly one third of the Sun and the Darkness. Immense geological and biological changes have occured during that span.

Anno Mundiean

Origins of the Alma System

Origin of Eden's Core and the first atmoshield

The gaint impact Battle

Origin of the oceans and atmoshield

The first continents

Origin of life

Protermundean Eon

the oxygen revolution

Artic Kingdom and the origins of the 0zene barriar

Protermundiean development of life

late protermundiean climate and file

Palemundiean Era

cambrian explosion

Palemundiean geotonics, palegeography and climate

colonization of land

Pre Age/Mesmundiean Era

Garden of Eden's formation and construction

Adem and Eve Banished

Racial De-evoution

The Age's (recent life)

Racial Guardians


Recent events