• Tony taking his last picture of himself and it was blurry LOL
  • Tony playing Rock Band.... he though he was so good, to good to play guitar hero.
  • Tony getting his booking photo... this is one fo the scarest parts of going to jail bein gtold a million things by 40 cops in a white room in 30 degress with half your clothes missing.
  • The side of Tony he didn't so, a caring dork who loved his family and friends, who didn't care what people think and wasn't trying to be the best... JUST TONY


Needs his frends, all of us who have put up with his crap gave him a hard time borrowed money from him met his family walked home with the kid. Antonio was a hyper competetive person and one of the only people i got adrenaline around just because i felt i had to prove something to him all the time.

This 7th page is for Tony.... if you have any thing for him please put it here.


Send any and all letter to our Tony to

Antonio Mayes ID-17318358

82911 Beach Access Rd.

Umitilla, Oregon 97882


Tony is looking at 6 years 10 months and thats a long time.... lets try and make it feel shorter anything helps guys if we make this page long enough with just messages i'll print it out and send it. THANKS