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The 7th Universe is the sprawling fictional universe in which all 7th media takes place. Many of 7th's central events are set in the Second Age, with humankind colonizing the lands only to stumble upon a additional races and a hostile alliance of Demons known as the Unholy Union, who, forged and controlled by the power of the Fallen Prophets and Diablo and the promise of Soul's from the burning and ravaged Realms, are bent on mortality's destruction. It is this realm where the 7th game series: 7th: Pre-Age, 7th: First Age, 7th: Second Age, 7th: Third Age, 7th Deity Wars and 7th: Sanctuary take place. The media beyond the game series expands into the 7th Universe timeline before and after the events of the games, as well as running concurrently with the games' timeline.